The home stretch!

I have two rules when it comes to Christmas....

1.  I can't start decorating/really thinking about preparations until after Thanksgiving.

2.  I have to have a LIVE tree!

We always had a live tree growing up (even went out to a tree farm and picked it out before it was cut down).  My first year out of college I had a fake tree.  It was easier for sure, but it just didn't feel like Christmas to me! ***Now, I know some people are just too OCD for the needles or the clean-up, etc, but I don't know anyone that would describe me as OCD.  Two crazy cuties came into my world a few years ago and ruined any chance I ever had of being a neat freak.  

Isn't she a beauty?

Now if you wonder why the picture is so tight on the tree.... well you see we are still shoved in the tiny little townhouse that we have been leasing for a year.  Do not fret though, we are under contract with a house!  We have had the inspection and all we are waiting to do now is close on Dec. 30th!

If you have been a reader of mine then you know this journey has been a long one.  We decided to move from Kentucky to my home town of Mount Pleasant, SC about two years ago.  I came down, interviewed, obtained a job all about April of 2013.  We put our house on the market immediately, but we were moving from a VERY small town and selling a house there can be slower than molasses. Soooo we moved in with my parents for about 6 months. 

 After corralling two crazy kids and forcing my sweet husband to live with his in-laws for long enough, we decided to lease an adorable, but small townhouse until we were able to buy a house of our own.  

Finally! Finally our house in Kentucky sold!!!  So we immediately went out and bought a house right??? Wrong.  Have you ever tried to buy a house 5-10 miles from the beach?  Take my word for it--- it's a little stressful!  So for the last 6-8 months we have been saving, looking, and trying not to trip over each other in our sweet townhouse. 

About two weeks ago ALL of our hopes and wishes came true and our offer on a beautiful home was accepted!  We have made it through the inspection and all the grueling mortgage paperwork (did I tell you I am NEVER moving again?!?!) and now we are just waiting to close at the end of December.

If you saw my news a few posts back *here*  then you know that this move is an absolute necessity!

I had full intentions of posting about Christmas products that I use in my classroom, but as this house is EVERYTHING on my mind right now--- it took a different turn!
Check back in tomorrow because I am working my tail off to finish not one, but TWO products for January!  Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Your new home is beautiful! Congratulations! My sister lives in Summerville and I LOVE it down there! Hopefully one day we'll move that way too :)

    Creating & Teaching

  2. Your home looks amazing & perfect for a family of soon-to-be 5 :)
    How far is this house from the beach? Good luck with the upcoming will be absolutely crazy, but totally worth it!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this part of the world! We lived in SC for 4 years and my daughter was born there. Enjoy your beautiful new home and ALL the memories you will make!! <3

  4. I don't blame you! I hate moving. Who would ever want to move from that beautiful house anyway? Congratulations on the move and the "addition"!

  5. That home is positively gorgeous! Praying all goes well, and the closing is Uneventful:) sometimes, that can be the most stressful part of the whole ordeal; former owners can often be a little sneaky, in my experience! Glad you've persevered through some uncomfortable circumstances and you're getting a very happy ending to show for it!

  6. I am real tree person too!! Everyone always says fake trees are so much easier, but I agree 100%, there is something about a real tree!!


  7. What a beautiful house! I'm sure the waiting is tough, but December always goes quick. Congratulations and I can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. Congrats on the new house, and how awesome that you will be settled in before the next one comes along! I'm so jealous that you live in Mt. Pleasant. Charleston is one of our favorite places to visit ever!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

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