Christmas in July Day 10: Center Packs

I hope you are ready to see a lot of previews in this post :) I am putting all my center packs, that I have not previously posted in this Christmas in July, at a discounted 20%!!!
I am really glad I worked so hard on these centers last year, but it makes my head spin to think about how much work I have to do for 2nd grade! Good thing there are so many talented 2nd grade bloggers who I can turn to!
I won’t do any more blabbing, I will let you just look at the previews and if you are a BUSY teacher, you will really like tomorrow’s sale---wink, wink!

With my March Centers you can buy the BUNDLE here, or click on the pictures to buy the Literacy or Math Centers separately!

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  1. WOWZA! Love this! wendy

  2. Sensory overload Katie!! It all looks SO amazing!

  3. I went to buy each of these sets and they weren't on sale. I came back to the post and realized that when you get the emails they come the next day. Darn! These are some really awesome centers! You worked hard and I appreciate your hard work!

    Good luck in 2nd grade! You'll be just as fabulous!


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