Loads of Pictures- Math and Poetry Night!

We started the day out with Math Centers! We are rocking that 2 digit addition! I have started regrouping in small group, but not whole class yet. Let's hope my constant emphasis on making ten will aide us in regrouping!
 The center below is part of my Spring Packet- you can find *HERE*! This one does have regrouping in it. 
 This is a very high level money center from my *Money* packet. Students are asked to figure out how much money they already have and fill in the black with missing coins to equal the total. 
 These boys are playing my Scoot and Slide game and we modified it to a great center! You can find it *HERE* free!
 These cuties are sorting Easter addition facts based on their sums courtesy of the wonderful *Ms. Arnold*!
I have mentioned in previous posts that we started a First Grade Poetry Night last year. We found the idea via the fantastic *Amanda* and fell in love with the idea! We call it Poetry Night but really it is half Reader's theaters and half poetry.  Parents send in tons of hot chocolate, cookies, and marshmallows. The kids all dress in black and we have a fantastic evening. I wish I had gotten a picture of the people in my room- it was stuffed to the gills! 2-3 adults per child and 21 out of 24 kids made it! Here I am in introducing the evening!
 We started out with our readers' theaters! They did a FABULOUS job! These kids did The Three Little Javelinas- a Desert version of the Three Little Pigs. It is a great book if you haven't read it before!
 Here is another group reading The Little Red Hen!
 And two more- we really love Kevin Henkes so we did Owen  and Sheila Rae the Brave
 If you look closely you can see evidence of bloggers all over my room!
 After an intermission filled with lots of sweets- we turned the lights down low and got under the spotlight!  I projected their poems on the SmartBoard behind them as they read their fabulous poems.  We write all Free Verse in First Grade at our school. It is unbelievably hard- but produces phenomenal poems!
 I am so proud of my students. I know I am incredibly lucky to have students and parents who could make such a special night possible. And yes- Mrs. King teared up during several poems.

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  1. A woman after my own heart... pictures, camera, more pictures... Thanks for sharing!
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  2. This looks amazing!!!!


  3. What a wonderful idea ! Thanks for sharing the pics, love to see other classrooms (and yes, I recognized a few things :)


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